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Technomed Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound is used to diagnose and treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues, including pain, tissue damage, and muscle pains.


Electroson 608

The ultrasound therapy unit called Ultrasound 608 is powered by a solid-state microprocessor. It has the most contemporary design and is simple to operate, elegant, and small. It is simple to switch between continuous and pulsed modes. The amount of ultrasound energy that was given to the patient in watts/cm2 is shown on a digital bar graph.

We have reduced the unwanted heat created by the ultrasound head, extending the life of the transducer, using the best components and a highly qualified R&D team.

Electroson 608 Features

Continuous & Pulsed

Switching between continuous and pulsed mode is simple for the user. With the help of vibrant LED indicators, the specified pulse frequency is graphically presented.

Digital Treatment Timer

Digital treatment timer with a range of 0 to 20 minutes. After the treatment is finished, the machine automatically turns off the output.

Digital Controls

Touch buttons and digital controls make choosing patient settings simple. Selecting between continuous and pulsed mode is simple.

Bargraph Display

The Output Power in Watts/cm2 Bargraph Display is simple to read.

Safety Cutoff Circuit

The transducer safety system makes sure the crystal lasts a long time by turning off the ultrasonic power while the transducer is in its holder and not in use.

Waterproof Lightweight Handle

The lightweight, waterproof, ergonomically constructed handle may be utilized for underwater therapy and is comfortable to grasp.

Electroson 709

Electroson 709 is an innovative dual-frequency ultrasound therapeutic device with a microprocessor. It combines the 3 MHz and 1 MHz feature. The doctor can quickly set the parameters thanks to a soft touch membrane keyboard and a zoomed backlit LCD display.

For deeper penetration, 1 MHz is employed, while 3 MHz is used for treatments that are more surface-level. Furthermore, 3 MHz is employed to provide thermal effects that are highly helpful in heating the muscles. The Electroson 709 is a sophisticated ultrasound treatment device as a result of the integration of both.

Electroson 709 Features


There is independent 1 and 3 MHZ circuitry with separate treatment heads for 1 and 3 MHZ output.

Liquid Crystal Display

All the parameters, the treatment time, and the output power are shown on a liquid crystal display with a backlight.


The device is portable since it is small and light.

Safety Features

Through the use of audible alarms and computerized programming, the machine only delivers output once the intensity is adjusted to zero. This stops a patient from unintentionally receiving high-intensity treatment that was intended for the patient before them.

Continuous & Pulsed

There are both continuous and pulsed modes of operation. It is simple for the user to switch between continuous and pulsed mode by using the soft-touch keyboard controls.

Waterproof Lightweight Handle

The lightweight, waterproof, ergonomically constructed handle can be utilized for underwater therapy and is comfortable to hold. The 1 & 3 MHZ heads will be distinguished by their distinct colors.

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