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What We Do

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Physiotherapy Machines
Shipping All Over India
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What We Do

We are into Diagnostic Industry since 1995. We deal in physiotherapy and diagnostic instruments. Call or what’s app us on +91 7999 80 3334 for any query. 

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Established in 1981, “Technomed Electronics” manufactures, exports, and supplies surgical diathermy equipment as well as other physiotherapy equipment.

Our primary focus is on product performance and durability, thus we take great care to employ only high-quality components while creating our product line. Additionally, we provide after-sales support to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Technomed vast range of equipment includes:


  • Interferential Therapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Ultra Sound Therapy
  • Muscle Stimulators
  • TENS

Technomed Products


Interferential Therapy

  • Vectrostim Plus

Combination of fashionable indication-based interferential therapy. Simple User Interface several pre-programmed indicators

  • Laserstim (8 IN 1)

An Excellent Value for Physiotherapists Opening New Clinics. A common use is to stimulate muscles.

  • Vectrodyne-100

Vectrodyne 100 is a computerized Interferential therapy unit with advanced vector scan features.

  • Vectrostim – 100

Vectrostim – 100 is an advanced three-in-one interferential therapy machine with all features of Vectrodyne – 100 plus Muscle Stimulation and TENS.


Laser Therapy

  • Laserstim (8 IN 1)

An Excellent Value for Physiotherapists Opening New Clinics. A common use is to stimulate muscles.

  • Tech Laser 302

A portable LASER treatment device with a microprocessor is called TECH LASER 302. Both visible and infrared probes are included with this device.

  • TECH LASER SS-1000

The TECH LASER SS-1000 is an advanced scanning laser therapy device that uses a scanning laser to deliver a mix of RED and IR lasers.


Ultrasound Therapy

  • Electroson 608

An ultrasound therapy unit with a solid-state microprocessor is called the Electroson 608. It has the sleekest, most user-friendly, and most contemporary design. Selecting between continuous and pulsed modes is simple. The amount of ultrasound energy that was given to the patient in watts/cm2 is shown on a digital bar graph.

  • Electroson 709

Electroson 709 is a dual-frequency ultrasound therapy device with an advanced microprocessor. It combines the 3 MHz and 1 MHz feature.


Muscle Stimulators

  • Electrostim – DT

Muscle stimulator for medical use that has a digital output current display.

  • Microstim Genius

Compact computerized tens and muscle stimulation machine with 73 TENS and muscle stimulation programs.




Acutens is a 4-channel advanced TENS with capabilities similar to acupuncture.

You can buy these Technomed Physiotherapy products online at at the best prices and best services.